Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's official....:)'s official, I have quit my job to stay home with the littles. Tiny L, just 6 months old and Little R(6 yrs) have made this such an easy decision to make. I love that I won't miss out on all the little things, work can and WILL have to wait :)

Luckily I have a very loving and supportive husband that fully backs this decision and is willing to go the extra mile just so that this decision doesn't haunt us financially. My goal however is to find those elusive needles in the internet haystack that could potentially make life EASIER....the oh so coveted "work at home" opportunities that REALLY bring in CASH. I want to find the real deal opportunities that make it possible for the husband to take some TIME OFF....not have to work more!

I am going to TRY, evaluate and REVIEW as many of these opportunities that I can and then pass my knowledge onto anyone else looking to filter through all the scams and false promises. If you have an op you'd like me to try, all means, comment here or send me a message and after careful consideration....I may try out your program. Just keep in mind, if you are a rep for said program....I WILL be honest in my review and thorough in all details of my experience, so I'd suggest only submitting programs that are HONEST and have REAL potential. ;)

I'm a little torn as to how many programs I want to take on at a time.... after all, I want to give my full attention to each endeavor as to give all of you a good review and fair evaluation of each program. I found SO many fake blogs in my search for fellow was REALLY quite sad. I am hoping to provide something that is somewhat unique. I WILL NOT post an opportunity without seeing first hand that it works. I may post an opportunity that I feel has great potential but I WILL be honest about it's progress and WILL remove it from my page if or when it fails to produce.

I do think that I have a few prospects right now that have great potential, one of which is already bringing in a small amount of $$....but $$ nonetheless. Those current ops will be my first entries in this review blog over the next few days. I am also working on a pretty extensive list of FREE advertising sites that I have found that hopefully can and will benefit MANY....please stand by for those additions. :)

I want to thank any and all of you who have chosen to tag along on this journey....hopefully, we will all learn a great deal and if we make a bunch of money in the process, all the better! Cheers! :) Now let's do this....