Saturday, August 17, 2013

How To Market Your Business On Instagram

Hi everyone!    

Today I am sharing a tutorial I made on how to use Instagram to market your business!  

Instagram is one of my favorite marketing platforms, it's right up there with Pinterest in that it just doesn't really seem like work when you're marketing there. Not to mention how awesome it is to be able to reach so many, especially when you have such a powerful message. :)   

The primary focus of my business is to INSPIRE people to THINK and believe in themselves and IG gives me an awesome platform to do just that.    

I have a lot of fun with Instagram and my photo feed and I think you will as well. :)    

This tutorial will show you how I have used IG to market my 'work at home' business but the same steps can be taken to promote ANY business.   I definitely hope you enjoy the tutorial!  

**Make sure that select the full-screen option (bottom right corner) when watching and simply use your space bar to advance through each slide.**

Please like/share/comment if you find value here and/or think someone you know may be able to benefit from this!

 ~*Lora Perisino    

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marketing 101....Moneymaker Style ;-)

I just put together this "little" team email... ;-)

I thought for a limited time that I'd also share this info with my trusted readers to give you a small taste of the information that I share with my team.

Hopefully, you too can use some of this to strengthen your current business and if the day ever comes where you'd like to make a change, I'd LOVE to chat with you!



Good Morning Team!

I hope all of you are getting just as excited as I am about the upcoming EN2 launch!!

If you've somehow missed the details of the awesome things that are about to happen ~~~~>Check it out here

I have been busy busy putting together some great stuff for our team just to add a little fuel to your fire, so to speak. ;-)

First....Remember to HAVE FUN and BE YOURSELF!!

We are building a business with the premise of HELPING OTHERS  and your passion to do that needs to SHINE at all times!

I have faith in you and KNOW that all of you are going to be on that stage with me at the next event! And I can't wait! :)

**BTW....I WILL be at the Orlando event for those of you who have been asking. **

As usual, hit me back if you have any questions!!



Here's a sweet little facebook ap I found recently that has SERIOUSLY amped up my facebook page.

It's way easy to install and can be removed at any time if need be but trust me, you won't want to. ;-) 

It's basically a customizable lead capture TAB for your page that has it's OWN smartlink (meaning you can forward any domain to it).

It also has a "LIKE GATE" so people have to LIKE your page to get access to the info available in the tab, ie. video/more info etc.


You can check mine out here.

It's FREE to design and use. And if you end up falling in love with it like I did, it's only $2 to start using the PRO version. And FREE after you refer 3 people. :)


 Are you guys including THIS in all of your Pinterest marketing??? 

Feel free to make a video of your own (or use mine!) and do a blog post on this!

It's a tip that not too many people are taking advantage of and they definitely SHOULD be!


Yeah, that's what I thought. ;-)


Are you sharing videos??? How would you like to download any video you find to your hard drive and upload that badboy to YOUR page instead of sharing it from someone elses! 

Put your website in the video description and when people share YOUR awesome video, they will also be sharing YOUR website info.

THIS SITE is another freebie that allows you to download any of the videos you find worth sharing! :)

You can also install a nifty little bookmarklet to your toolbar so you don't even have to leave the page you are on when you find cool stuff.

My FAVORITE Marketing Systems

If you haven't already, sign up for these AWESOME systems to use in your marketing. These are two of my personal favorites (started by 6 figure earners who are sincerely GIVING BACK by helping others :) :)  )

On top of being FREE, these both have awesome benefits for you to use, including built in TRAFFIC and free marketing tips and lessons/tutorials.

20 Minute Payday (Russel Brunson's Marketing System)

**You are ALREADY in EN and the other income streams are OPTIONAL but ARE another sweet way to put money in your pocket. AND only a few bucks (literally $2 or less) to start if your interested.

-Includes an awesome free monthly Co-Op and a nice selection of new lead capture pages. Make sure you submit your link once a month to be included in the Co-Op.
-Also make sure you check out the included tutorials, lots of helpful info here.

TNS Marketing (Laura Parrish's Marketing System)
**You are ALREADY in EN and the other income streams are OPTIONAL but ARE just another sweet way to put money in your pocket.

-Includes FREE auto responders AND #TNS University (which is AMAZING , btw).
When you activate this system, make sure you shoot me a FB message and I'll be sure to add you to the TNS Marketing FB group also.



Make sure you have created a BIO at ....that link will take you to my page so you can get an idea of how I use my page. We have so many awesome videos available to us, sometimes it's hard to choose.

I use as a hub to connect me to all social media platforms and share all of my favorite business info.


Get your face and business on ALL forms of social media and post SOMETHING daily!

It is 100% FREE to create accounts on any of these so there is ZERO excuse to not be using these! :) Click the links to check out how I use each of these.

Google Plus: Just search Lora Perisino


If you have any questions, please write me back and if I can't answer with a simple email reply, we'll set up a time to get on the phone. :)

Have a wonderful day guys! Get ready for some AWESOME changes!! :) :) Business is about to explode and we will be able to inspire EVEN MORE people with this amazing movement. It's going to be amazing and I am so excited to share it with all of you.

Let's do this!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Setting Intentions for Success


This precious chica put a big ole smile on my face this about an inspiration. :) :)

I am a firm believer in setting intentions and this just proves my point the YOU can do ANYTHING that you truly set your mind to. Cheers girl!! See ya on stage at the next event! :)

If you too are interested in joining me and my team on that same stage in from of THOUSANDS of people to tell YOUR story ... CLICK HERE to join me now and we'll get you started!!

And feel free to message me with any questions! :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How would you like to make $1.50 per lead....and get paid even if they never make a puchase! :)

Good morning Moneymakers!

So I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to bring something so simple and so easy to you guys.....and this morning I really have just that. Woop Woop! :)

This isn't a huge moneymaker but it's definitely 
working beautifully, and you newbies are gonna love it! 

ANYONE can participate in this moneymaker at absolutely NO COST. 

I  LOVE THAT.....and I know you guys will too, lol!! :)

Plus, my EN teammates are love this as well because it will give you guys another avenue to grow your EN business. :)

The beauty of this moneymaker is that NO MONEY has to be spent BY ANYONE in order for you to get paid.

Yeah, I had to RE-read that one a few times myself.

:) :) :) :) :)

It's called The EZ Money Project (aka Project Payday) and in less than 2 days I was able to earn close to $40 in commissions without coming out of pocket one penny!

Not only that... but in those 2 days, I only promoted to friends, no family, no list, no followers. :)

How it works is this... you get paid for every LEAD that you bring into the system using your personalized link. 

$1.50 per LEAD!

All you have to do to qualify to receive those payments is complete ONE of the simple trial offers. 

Now those of you who have followed me over the recent 
months know that I am indeed a big fan of GPTT (Get Paid To Try) programs.  

Here's the blog post I did on these a few months ago.

It's a technique that if kept organized and done responsibly, can very easily, at LITTLE or NO cost to you, bring in nice little chunks of cash.

I have had pretty great experiences using these moneymaking techniques in the past and actually used ONLY THESE to fund my start up costs to get into Empower Network, which as most of you also know by now...has worked VERY WELL in my favor. ;-)

So this is just a little twist on those GPTT ops....

The difference is, your referral does NOT have to complete THEIR trial offer in order for you to get paid. 

Once YOU have qualified (completed a trial offer), All the referral has to do is enter their email info and BOOM, 
you get paid $1.50. ;-)

A small amount that can indeed add up nicely for some extra cash. Especially when promoted through multiple marketing channels. 

You could use this as your advertising fund! 

Use it to buy that cute pair of boots you've been eyeballing for weeks or to do that home repair you've been putting off! 

Or you can stash it like I did when I used these little moneymakers and put it towards an opportunity that can put some SERIOUS cash in your pocket.

It's up to you!

Oh! And just so you guys also know....

There are a few other referral opportunities within this particular income stream that you will be introduced to but they are ALL optional

It IS NOT necessary to sign up for the other programs in order to utilize the EZ Money Project  ($1.50 per lead) moneymaker

Once you sign up for your trial offer, all you have to do is go to your profile page, copy your referral link and start promoting it!

Word to the wise tho...BOOKMARK THE LINK that lists the other ops....

You may not need these now but these other tools may be things you'll want to bring on board once your income starts to grow. 

For like auto responders may not be something you are interested in right now, but down the road when your business has grown into a team of over 500 people....this may very well be something you'll want to add to your arsenal. ;-)

Plus the discounts you can get through the link are really good.

OK....well that's it for now! I hope you guys have enjoyed the post and are as excited as I was to get started!

As usual, feel free to message me with any questions you may have! And leave comments if you have your own experiences with the EZ Money Project!

But please no affiliate links to other promotions in the comments though guys.... if you have something 
you'd like me to check out and potentially do a post on please send me a private message. :)

Now go make some money!!  :) :)

~*Lora ...AKA  The SAHMoneymaker

Monday, March 4, 2013

***Empower Network Update***

*****Empower Network UPDATE*****

I just wanted to jump back into this subject
real quick and give a little update on how things
are going with Empower Network, because I have to say...
I am even more excited than before.

I also thought now would be a little better time,
now that I have a good few months in the program,
to give a little pro/con addition. 

Back when I first wrote this post I still was just
getting my feet wet and I even still continued to
do more research, afterall, it's always good to
know what other people are saying about your product.

Unfortunately, I did find a little more discouraging
opinions but now that I myself am doing it, and I'm
seeing the results firsthand...I am better suited to form
my own opinions.

The unfortunate thing is that those of you that are still
on the fence about joining EN may come across some
of these negative comments and it may very well sway
your decision on whether or not to join.

All I can say to that is this: IT IS YOUR choice.
I am not going to try to SELL you on joining. But
what I can tell you from my own personal experience
that IT IS legitimate and I AM making money.

And if you WERE to join, and you make the CHOICE
to do what is outlined in the core lessons, 
follow the direction of your team leaders, and CHOOSE
to be involved and NOT just sit there waiting for money
to fall out of the sky....YOU WILL be successful.

But bottomline, like ANYTHING in this life, you are GOING
to have to work for it.

And you are GOING to have to make the effort.

But if you can do that, and really focus on being successful,
then you definitely can do it with this.

Ok......enough of that :)

Now I want to go into a little more of what I feel are
the pros and cons of Empower Network.

-inexpensive to get started (only $25 for the blogging platform + $19 for the ewallet payment system)
and you can DEFINITELY start to make money at this level.

-Pays 100% commissions. THIS was one of the things that originally caught my attention. I had been doing all kinds of affiliate marketing for a bunch a different companies since starting this journey and none of them came close to paying a 100% commission (usually only between 10-50%). So this is pretty big in itself.

-Lots of support and motivation. I can't say enough good things about this. I am on a team called Prosperity and they have been AMAZING. There are daily mindset calls and webinars. An exclusive "backoffice" where you can find tons of marketing information and additional mentoring if needed. There's also a skype group for when you need answers immediately which is awesome. Here's some more info on The Prosperity Team...LOVE these guys!

The owners and/or top earners also do a weekly call called the Empower Hour. And let me tell you... these calls are LIKE GOLD, lol. Quite honestly, even IF someone who was not interested in EN got on one of these calls, they would get something from it. Truly motivational and absolutely worth the time.

-The biggest thing that EN helped me with is generally learning how to MARKET. Which is what each one of the products are all about. They are educational products designed to help anyone market ANY sort of business, NOT just Empower Network. This education helped encourage me to start my own "primary" business and the system taught me how to gain followers, drive traffic and overall run a successful business. And while I am still in the early stages of development, my business has already showing incredible promise in a very short amount of time. A good part thanks to the knowledge I gained from the products at EN.

-It works! I'm making $, building a team (who are ALSO making money) and while I'm not quite at the level of some of my leaders, I DO feel that my goals are attainable and I really can't wait to share THAT update with you all. :)

- I think sometimes the initial "hype" can scare off a few people who are thinking that it's "too good to be true" so, "it must be a scam....". And this is very unfortunate. All I can hope, is that people who do see even a small amount of potential with the initial EN intro, dig a little deeper and do some REAL research.

Check out some of the interview videos from some of the events like this one. Or check out one of the latest promo videos. Or better yet, get on one of the Empower Hour calls!... send me an email ( with your information, and I'll make sure you get the info if you want it! There is so much more to EN....don't let the hype scare you.

-The upsell reminders can be a little frustrating. Of course you are encouraged to upgrade to the other more expensive products but I'll tell you what my sponsor told me. Do it at your own pace. If it's not within your budget to upgrade, then wait! It is definitely to your advantage when and if you are able upgrade because then and only then are you also able to collect 100% commissions for each one that YOU sell. But you HAVE to own the product yourself to get that. Otherwise, the sale and commission goes up to your sponsor (which I will warn ya, can be a little disheartening, lol) but do things WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. So, you can SAVE your first couple of commissions and THEN upgrade, if you want.

But seriously,  it's NOT rocket science and if a stay at
home mom like me can do this (working only during baby
naps and after the kids have gone to bed) anyone can! You
just have to be dedicated to learning all you can and
making it work....and it will.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Empower Network experience is making a believer out of this skeptic for sure...

Hi everyone!

I've been in the "lab" on and off the past few months....

I had a few ups and downs and even took some time
off around the holidays because as it turns out, there's
a lot more "crap" out there than what I ever imagined.

I've shared a few things with you in the past that have
indeed given me hope that it's possible to make a living
working from home but up until recently, I HAD NOT
found anything that showed consistent promise.

Were they legitimate moneymaking opportunities?

YES, absolutely!

But they weren't exactly "income replacing" sort of endeavors either.

Now given, like I have stated before....

Combining SEVERAL little moneymakers could very
feasibly generate a substantial amount of extra cash for
some of you, especially IF you are able to dedicate
your day to it.

I know for a fact that a lot of people out there are doing
just that.

And they do rather well!

But being the mother of a small child (who is about
to turn a YEAR OLD...:) OMG!), AND a first grader....
I just don't have the ability to sit in front of the computer all day!

So while a few things have indeed brought in a little cash,
nothing was doing too much to impress.

But was it realistic to think that there could be something
out there that would??

I must admit, I became very discouraged.

I took a break and decided to regroup....

I took some time to really research ONE particular program
that had caught my eye back in November called
The Empower Network.

Basically, they offer a blogging platform (not this one) and
sell internet marketing education products that when sold by their
affiliates pays them 100% commissions on each sale.

I'll be honest, it had a little bit of a "too good to be true" vibe so I really
didn't give it too much attention at first.

Plus it had a small start up cost....

Less that $50....but a cost nonetheless.

My research before joining was very interesting to
say the least....

There were a ton of reviews, message board threads, even a
few "extremists" that quite literally bashed the program from
start to finish.

It almost reminded me of a strong political debate.

People either adamantly LOVED or HATED the program.

There wasn't much grey area.

The interesting part that came up rather frequently tho,
was that almost EVERY time I would find a negative review....
I could dig a little further and find that the individual
who wrote it, was ALSO linked to an opposing COMPETING
program that they were also trying to sell.

This got my attention.....and it was the case more often than not.

I kept researching....

I read everything I could find on Empower Network....
about 75% was amazingly positive....

I even contacted my credit card company to see if they
had heard of the company....good or bad.

The rep performed a system search for me and even went as
far to say that based on the information she found that it
"appeared to be a good business opportunity" lie.

But still, I remained on the sidelines....

Until, THIS video came in my email:

Maybe it was the sincerity in their voices...
maybe it was their raw emotion or the tears in their eyes....

Call me a sucker but something about that video made me think that maybe....
just maybe, there was something to this that I had yet to fully understand....
and something told me, it was GOOD.

And that's when I decided to take the chance....

The skeptic in me was of course still present but I decided
to give it a full, SOLID effort and just see what happened.

I decided to do what was recommended and give it a full 90 days
and give it nothing but my BEST effort.

I applied all the marketing techniques I had learned over the past
few months, followed the lessons outlined in the $25 starter package and
took the advice of those who came before me.

I started with a list of less than 20 contacts and approached NO
friends and family.

And I used NOTHING but FREE marketing techniques in my promotions.

And then it happened....I made my first sale....and then another.
All within my first week...I had already made back what I had put into it.

And that was just the beginning....

I am still shaking my head at what is happening and the
response I am getting.

I really can't wait to see what comes of this....especially after seeing the

People are doing amazing things with Empower Network and I have to
admit, I'm pretty excited to be a part of it.

Stay tuned moneymakers..... :)

**As usual, feel free to leave comments or message me if you have any
questions or interest regarding this opportunity.