Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How would you like to make $1.50 per lead....and get paid even if they never make a puchase! :)

Good morning Moneymakers!

So I just LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to bring something so simple and so easy to you guys.....and this morning I really have just that. Woop Woop! :)

This isn't a huge moneymaker but it's definitely 
working beautifully, and you newbies are gonna love it! 

ANYONE can participate in this moneymaker at absolutely NO COST. 

I  LOVE THAT.....and I know you guys will too, lol!! :)

Plus, my EN teammates are love this as well because it will give you guys another avenue to grow your EN business. :)

The beauty of this moneymaker is that NO MONEY has to be spent BY ANYONE in order for you to get paid.

Yeah, I had to RE-read that one a few times myself.

:) :) :) :) :)

It's called The EZ Money Project (aka Project Payday) and in less than 2 days I was able to earn close to $40 in commissions without coming out of pocket one penny!

Not only that... but in those 2 days, I only promoted to strangers.....no friends, no family, no list, no followers. :)

How it works is this... you get paid for every LEAD that you bring into the system using your personalized link. 

$1.50 per LEAD!

All you have to do to qualify to receive those payments is complete ONE of the simple trial offers. 

Now those of you who have followed me over the recent 
months know that I am indeed a big fan of GPTT (Get Paid To Try) programs.  

Here's the blog post I did on these a few months ago.

It's a technique that if kept organized and done responsibly, can very easily, at LITTLE or NO cost to you, bring in nice little chunks of cash.

I have had pretty great experiences using these moneymaking techniques in the past and actually used ONLY THESE to fund my start up costs to get into Empower Network, which as most of you also know by now...has worked VERY WELL in my favor. ;-)

So this is just a little twist on those GPTT ops....

The difference is, your referral does NOT have to complete THEIR trial offer in order for you to get paid. 

Once YOU have qualified (completed a trial offer), All the referral has to do is enter their email info and BOOM, 
you get paid $1.50. ;-)

A small amount that can indeed add up nicely for some extra cash. Especially when promoted through multiple marketing channels. 

You could use this as your advertising fund! 

Use it to buy that cute pair of boots you've been eyeballing for weeks or to do that home repair you've been putting off! 

Or you can stash it like I did when I used these little moneymakers and put it towards an opportunity that can put some SERIOUS cash in your pocket.

It's up to you!

Oh! And just so you guys also know....

There are a few other referral opportunities within this particular income stream that you will be introduced to but they are ALL optional

It IS NOT necessary to sign up for the other programs in order to utilize the EZ Money Project  ($1.50 per lead) moneymaker

Once you sign up for your trial offer, all you have to do is go to your profile page, copy your referral link and start promoting it!

Word to the wise tho...BOOKMARK THE LINK that lists the other ops....

You may not need these now but these other tools may be things you'll want to bring on board once your income starts to grow. 

For example....tools like auto responders may not be something you are interested in right now, but down the road when your business has grown into a team of over 500 people....this may very well be something you'll want to add to your arsenal. ;-)

Plus the discounts you can get through the link are really good.

OK....well that's it for now! I hope you guys have enjoyed the post and are as excited as I was to get started!

As usual, feel free to message me with any questions you may have! And leave comments if you have your own experiences with the EZ Money Project!

But please no affiliate links to other promotions in the comments though guys.... if you have something 
you'd like me to check out and potentially do a post on please send me a private message. :)

Now go make some money!!  :) :)

~*Lora ...AKA  The SAHMoneymaker 

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