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Are "Get Paid to Try" opportunities scams?

There seems to be a good bit of mixed reviews when it comes to GPT (Get Paid to Try) opportunities and I have definitely found that there are some companies with better reputations than others. That said, I definitely do NOT think that this particular type of opportunity is a scam, mainly because I have indeed made money with it. :)

You just have to be a little more careful and pretty meticulous about keeping things organized and with my help, you'll be able to do just that, IF you pay attention ;-).

I should suggest though, that if you do venture down this path, that you try to AVOID jumping on board with certain individuals or "guru's" that claim that they can "sell" you their magical "turn-key" system or show you their "effortless" technique for manipulating these types of companies. Typically, those same individuals are operating some type of scam in what they are trying to offer you.

They make extreme suggestions of the type of money you can make in order to bait you to join their email list and then once they have your info they then inform you about some other necessary "tools" you need in order to be successful. Conveniently, they most likely have a link ready for you to purchase whatever this key item/service/product is and they in turn get a commission for whatever you are convinced you need to buy.

That was a lesson that I had to learn the hard way in this search of mine but now that I know what to look out for, hopefully I can at least help you avoid the same pitfalls.

I promise, you CAN legitimately make money with these programs WITHOUT having to come out of pocket more than a few dollars, if ANY at all.....**note- it IS possible to make money with these programs without spending A DIME, it just takes a little more effort on your part.

It's your choice, but I'll gladly share what I am learning along the way to help make the process easier to understand, and feel free to message me if you still aren't clear on something!

My goal is to maximize ALL of our earnings with these companies.  :-)

SO let's get to it.....Two companies that I have been "test driving" over the past few months are Fusion Cash and ZNZ Cash, both of which are variations of GPT opportunities but Fusion Cash actually has a little more to it than that.

I am willing to vouch for both of these companies because I have seen first hand that they DO in fact put money into my account so I am pretty excited to share these with others looking to make some money from home.

Both sites require that you register (for free) with a valid email address and once confirmed you will gain access to a variety companies that are willing to pay YOU to try their site, service or product.

Let's start with Fusion Cash....


What I like about Fusion Cash is the options. You have several ways to make money with this company aside from trials. You can participate in surveys (pays $1-$5 per survey), try out magazines, place phone-calls or join an opinion panel.

A good bit of these options require absolutely NO use of a credit card.

Then they also have the trial offers that you can sign up for where companies will literally pay you between $10 and $50 (sometimes more) to try their product or service. The downfall to this particular type of op is that a good bit of the time a credit card is required.

Sometimes all you have to pay for is shipping but usually that amount is outweighed by what you will ultimately make from participating. Which brings me to key point #1....OBVIOUSLY that's one thing you WANT to look for!!

I'm sure it may seem obvious to most but just for the sake of making it CRYSTAL CLEAR, you are always looking to make a profit so BE SMART when choosing your offers. Do the math and make sure that you are coming out ahead. :)

Also, keep notes....or better yet a CALENDAR.

You will need to make note of the customer service contact number that is necessary to call when or if you want to cancel once your trial is up. If you truly enjoy a product or service, by all means, keep it if it's within your budget. But if you want to make money with this type of op, you obviously aren't going to be able to keep everything! :)

Be sure to record the phone numbers you need and make a note of all the trial requirements, set an alarm on your phone if you have to, lol.....but cancel within the time frame that they require and you won't have any unforeseen charges on your card.

Keynote #2.....READ ALL DETAILS!! The requirements of each trial is given before you ever sign up so make sure you READ everything and PRINT your agreement/receipt ALWAYS.

A lot of the time, people try this type of system and get burned because they don't make note of all the details and requirements and end up forgetting to cancel within the required time frame...they then have a harder time canceling and end up referring to programs such as this as "scams".

I for one, have had NO trouble canceling a trial and have had NO unexpected charges.....BECAUSE I keep very meticulous notes, I know who, where and when to call to cancel if I decide to and I keep it all organized in my handy dandy calendar....and yes, a little phone alarm also goes off. ;-)

I will warn you that the "no CC" offers do pay significantly LESS than the TRIAL offer options but with good reason. After all, these companies are hoping that you love their product so much that you don't cancel once your trial is up.

And while the trial offers may scare off a few people because of the need to provide credit card information,  I have a suggestion that takes the worry out of proceeding with such an offer. Most Wal-Mart  stores now have a little kiosk where you can obtain a pre-paid debit card that you load with whatever dollar amount you wish. If you are not comfortable using a personal credit card, go get one of these! :)

*Click HERE to join Fusion Cash*

Ok, moving on....


ZNZ Cash is another GPT opportunity but works a little different than Fusion Cash. You make your money with ZNZ by signing up for 2-4 trial offers yourself (which complete 1 ZNZ credit) and then simply referring others.

For every person that you refer that also joins ZNZ and completes a full credit (ie. their 2-4 trial offers), you will be paid $40

That's it! You only have to complete your own credit ONE TIME and once you have it all you do is share the link they provide you to others.

There are various techniques that I use to share my link with others (one of which can be found HERE) and as we move forward, I will continue to add posts that detail even more ways for you to market your business.

What I also love about this company is they also give you the option of collecting your referrals and putting them toward prizes. For example, you only need 9 referrals to get a 16G iPad.

So if you are just looking for a fun way to win some cool prizes, this may also be an option that interests you.

I personally like the cash option, which you can also choose and every week your money will be deposited directly into your pay-pal account! :)

*Click HERE to join ZNZ Cash*

OK....that's it for now....I've got more coming soon, I hope you all got something from this post and I look forward to sharing more along the way! :) Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to leave  me a comment with your own experiences. Goodnight! :)


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