Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shop.....and make $$? You got it! :) Introducing... Shopkick!

Good Morning!

How about today I introduce some FUN stuff?? ;-)

Not that all of these "work at home" opportunities can't be fun in their own way but let's be honest, some of this can be a little tedious and even monotonous at times.

Not to say that it isn't 100% worth it but WHY NOT have a few things in the mix that you can truly ENJOY doing??? :) :)

Today, I give you SHOPKICK...a way for you to earn a few extra dollars while you do something that you are most likely already doing from time to time....SHOPPING!

Well, not even exactly that....you don't even have to SHOP to benefit from this program (although obviously the stores are hoping you DO)  but it just didn't sound NEARLY as fun to say you could make extra $$ just from WALKING into stores, lol.

But yes, you read that correctly.....with this....you can quite LITERALLY make $$ just from walking into some of your favorite stores.  :)

Shopkick is an program that you 1) sign up (for FREE) HERE and then 2) follow the directions to download the FREE ap on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The Shopkick Ap uses your GPS to register when you walk into stores like Target, Old Navy, Macy's and over 50 other major stores AND WHEN YOU DO you are automatically given points (AKA "kicks") that you can collect to put toward some pretty awesome prizes.

Prizes like giftcards... to places like Target, Starbucks,Toys R Us, iTunes, Best Buy, American Eagle.....the list goes on. I don't know about you but those will come in pretty handy for THIS momma with the upcoming holiday season! :) :)

You can then earn MORE kicks by completing little tasks when you are in each store. You just open the ap while in the store and you will see what sort of tasks are available for that location.

Tasks like going to a certain department and looking for items that are on your "scavenger hunt" style list. When you find them, you scan the barcode and then you get the points!

Obviously, their goal here is to get you to spend more time in the store and get you looking at items that you may have otherwise not taken the time to consider. Oh how I WISH I had thought of this marketing ploy, because as you will see, it's pretty darn effective.....and ridiculously smart on the part of these participating companies.

You also have the ability to acquire even MORE kicks by referring your friends and family to Shopkick. THEN, not only will earn points for the places YOU go and the tasks that YOU complete, but you will also get MATCHING points for all the kicks that your referrals earn within their first 30 days!

Up to 2500, kicks which is the equivalent to $10 per person!

Now, the only downfall I can see to their referral program is it is really only temporary way to earn some extra kicks because you can only get credit for up to 100 referrals ( but multiply that by $10 and that's STILL the potential for an extra $1000 in YOUR pocket!) but obviously this isn't going to be a "replacement income" sort of opportunity.

But doesn't it sound like a super fun way to earn some extra spending money!?! :)

AND like I have said before, combining something like this with other programs may allow you to acquire a nice little chuck of extra cash. Remember, multiple streams of small amounts of money CAN add up to small incomes. ;-)

And if you ARE by chance interested in being even more involved with this company and making more, they do offer a great affiliate program. Feel free to email me if you'd like more information on this and I can point you in the right direction.

Overall, I believe Shopkick is an absolutely wonderful program with terrific incentives to get you out of the house even if what you DO ultimately make from using the ap only further funds your already existing shopping addiction. ;)

**ALSO....if you use the link located in this post, you will get a $25 resturant.com giftcard just for signing up!! This is an awesome little extra that Shopkick has personally extended to me to be able to offer my readers, so go ahead, TAKE ADVANTAGE!! :) :)**


Happy shopping moneymakers!! :)

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