Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Empower Network experience is making a believer out of this skeptic for sure...

Hi everyone!

I've been in the "lab" on and off the past few months....

I had a few ups and downs and even took some time
off around the holidays because as it turns out, there's
a lot more "crap" out there than what I ever imagined.

I've shared a few things with you in the past that have
indeed given me hope that it's possible to make a living
working from home but up until recently, I HAD NOT
found anything that showed consistent promise.

Were they legitimate moneymaking opportunities?

YES, absolutely!

But they weren't exactly "income replacing" sort of endeavors either.

Now given, like I have stated before....

Combining SEVERAL little moneymakers could very
feasibly generate a substantial amount of extra cash for
some of you, especially IF you are able to dedicate
your day to it.

I know for a fact that a lot of people out there are doing
just that.

And they do rather well!

But being the mother of a small child (who is about
to turn a YEAR OLD...:) OMG!), AND a first grader....
I just don't have the ability to sit in front of the computer all day!

So while a few things have indeed brought in a little cash,
nothing was doing too much to impress.

But was it realistic to think that there could be something
out there that would??

I must admit, I became very discouraged.

I took a break and decided to regroup....

I took some time to really research ONE particular program
that had caught my eye back in November called
The Empower Network.

Basically, they offer a blogging platform (not this one) and
sell internet marketing education products that when sold by their
affiliates pays them 100% commissions on each sale.

I'll be honest, it had a little bit of a "too good to be true" vibe so I really
didn't give it too much attention at first.

Plus it had a small start up cost....

Less that $50....but a cost nonetheless.

My research before joining was very interesting to
say the least....

There were a ton of reviews, message board threads, even a
few "extremists" that quite literally bashed the program from
start to finish.

It almost reminded me of a strong political debate.

People either adamantly LOVED or HATED the program.

There wasn't much grey area.

The interesting part that came up rather frequently tho,
was that almost EVERY time I would find a negative review....
I could dig a little further and find that the individual
who wrote it, was ALSO linked to an opposing COMPETING
program that they were also trying to sell.

This got my attention.....and it was the case more often than not.

I kept researching....

I read everything I could find on Empower Network....
about 75% was amazingly positive....

I even contacted my credit card company to see if they
had heard of the company....good or bad.

The rep performed a system search for me and even went as
far to say that based on the information she found that it
"appeared to be a good business opportunity" lie.

But still, I remained on the sidelines....

Until, THIS video came in my email:

Maybe it was the sincerity in their voices...
maybe it was their raw emotion or the tears in their eyes....

Call me a sucker but something about that video made me think that maybe....
just maybe, there was something to this that I had yet to fully understand....
and something told me, it was GOOD.

And that's when I decided to take the chance....

The skeptic in me was of course still present but I decided
to give it a full, SOLID effort and just see what happened.

I decided to do what was recommended and give it a full 90 days
and give it nothing but my BEST effort.

I applied all the marketing techniques I had learned over the past
few months, followed the lessons outlined in the $25 starter package and
took the advice of those who came before me.

I started with a list of less than 20 contacts and approached NO
friends and family.

And I used NOTHING but FREE marketing techniques in my promotions.

And then it happened....I made my first sale....and then another.
All within my first week...I had already made back what I had put into it.

And that was just the beginning....

I am still shaking my head at what is happening and the
response I am getting.

I really can't wait to see what comes of this....especially after seeing the

People are doing amazing things with Empower Network and I have to
admit, I'm pretty excited to be a part of it.

Stay tuned moneymakers..... :)

**As usual, feel free to leave comments or message me if you have any
questions or interest regarding this opportunity.