Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SAFELISTS- My Top Sites For FREE Advertising!! Go get 'Em!!

** Will ADD MORE as I find them so check back often for NEW ADDITIONS!! :) **

In my search for the best opportunities for one to work from home, I have discovered a few marketing techniques that are tremendously beneficial if you are going to be successful in your "business". I have been very fortunate over the past few months to also work with a few extremely successful internet marketers and they so kindly shared a wealth of knowledge with this newbie. One of these techniques, which I will highlight today is the use of Safelists.

Safelists are a way for you create an ad, whether it be text or HTML and submit  it to hundreds , if not thousands of potential interested customers and or prospects WITHOUT being considered SPAM. Each list is usually a DOUBLE opt in list so you know that every single person in the list has agreed to receive emails that contain ads for anything from other business opportunities to new products or services. I highly recommend that you actually CREATE  TWO brand new email addresses with an email client that does not have a mailbox with a cap (such as Gmail) because you will get A LOT of email, especially if you register with all of these, lol.

Once you have your account, you are allotted a certain number of newmember "credits" and those credits determine how many emails you can then send to (1 credit typically = 1 email). You can obtain more credits by viewing emails OR viewing ads on the site. Now, there are literally thousands of Safelists available....some are free, some are not. Some offer a free package option with available upgrades. Some have greater response than other yet ALL of them claim to be the best and the MOST responsive.

The list I have configured for you is still a work in progress. Right now I have 75 lists (all FREE for you to join) that I am a member of and I submit to them all on a regular basis to generate leads in the various business endeavors that I am involved with. By submitting on a regular frequency (some lists allow daily submissions, others every 3-7 days) I generally will get 10-20 leads per day of interested prospects. I am including as many details that I have for each list as well as any PROMO CODES I have found along the way that will give you even MORE credits to use. You're Welcome.....lol.

So, let's get to it.....

1. Free Safelist Mailer

Great beginner safelist, gives you 12,000 start up credits and easy to navigate. Must open at least 10 emails in between mailings though.

2. Ad Tactics

Gives you 10,000 sign up credits

3. Safelister
Safelister - FREE Safelist
Awesome list, allows you to send to over 30,000 prospects daily and gives you 100,000 (yes One hundred THOUSAND) sign up credits. Also gives you 15,000 for any referrals.

4. Active Safelist

Gives you 10,000 sign up credits and you can send daily

5. The Lead Magnet

No Free sign up credits, you must earn more by viewing ads. 

6. State of the Art Mailer

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!
Gives you 300 sign up credits

7. Max Mailer Pro

Only gives you 150 sign up credits but easy to earn more just by logging in.

8. Ad Troopers

9. Business World List

^ Just click link.....no banner available but GREAT list

10. Cash 4 U Safelist

Join Cash4uSafelist

AWESOME list, can send to over 40,000 people every 7 days!!

11. Cash Blaster

Cash-Blaster Banner

12Downline Builder Direct

PROMO CODES: LBM15000FREE    15000bonuscredits

13. Equus Safelist
^Just click link.....no banner but GREAT list

14. Newage Marketing

15. Herculist

Leads, Leads, Leads!

16. Safelist Pro
^Click link.....awesome list (FREE credits added randomly)....but their banners don't work! :-/

17. Super Safe Mailer
Super Safe Mailer

18. Target Safelist

PROMO CODE: newmember

19. The Mailbag Safelist

20. European Safelist