Thursday, November 1, 2012

Got some good stuff.....please hold!! ;-)

Alright you guys, so I have a few things I am getting ready to share with you that are proving to be profitable!! I should have my first review up before the end of the day but I just wanted to let everyone know that the blog now has a subscribe feature and by entering your email to the right, you will get an email update any time I post a new review or opportunity. You will in no way be spammed by subscribing but it is the best way to keep up-to-date with me. Now that I have had some more success with a few companies and I am in the process of testing various others I should be frequently adding new reviews and I'm very excited to share what I have found thus far! :)

Please keep in mind that what I am finding with most successful individuals who exclusively work from home using the internet, is that they utilize MULTIPLE sources to bring in their supplemental or even REPLACEMENT incomes. Thus far, I have yet to discover the one MIRACLE work from home opportunity but what I am coming to realize is that there may not be only ONE (but I'll keep looking!).

Even though, in your search I am sure you will find a handful or two of individuals who will claim that they know the secret to your "wealth" and can have you making $1000 a week in less than a month....bla bla bla. Hopefully I don't need to tell you that THOSE individuals are very likely exaggerating and even IF they ARE bringing in the numbers they claim to be, it's because they started with a MONSTROUS email list of individuals to market to and I can almost guarantee that you will end up spending a good bit of money in any attempt to duplicate their success, money that most likely will not be recouped. :(

Now, I can't say with 100% certainty that these programs NEVER work but I can say that unless you have been in the business of internet marketing for a substantial amount of time, unfortunately, the odds ARE NOT in your favor. Trust me though, if there IS something that comes along my path that DOES show me some rare yet impressive results, my readers will be the first to know about it ;-)....obviously I'm hopeful but not exactly holding my breath, and you shouldn't either.

What I can promise you is that their ARE most definitely ways to make money online and your success depends on what YOU are willing to do with the opportunities that are out there. Some, if done alone, bring in only a very small amount but if combined with other similar opportunities, they can bring in a good bit more. Then there are opportunities that if only worked in the traditional fashion the profits are minimal but if you utilize their referral programs, you will see a SIGNIFICANT increase in what you can make. Then there are a few that while a little more difficult to market, they bring in more substantial amounts. These opportunities are going to be the ones that require a little bit more work. But isn't a "little more work" worth the possibility of replacing  your current income so that you can legitimately WORK FROM HOME???? Spend the time with your loved ones that your job is now depriving you of??? I don't know about you, but it most definitely is worth it to me and I'm looking forward to sharing my successes and have you come along for the journey! :)

Don't forget to subscribe.....I'll be posting something new for you to check out before the end of today! See you shortly!!

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