Monday, March 4, 2013

***Empower Network Update***

*****Empower Network UPDATE*****

I just wanted to jump back into this subject
real quick and give a little update on how things
are going with Empower Network, because I have to say...
I am even more excited than before.

I also thought now would be a little better time,
now that I have a good few months in the program,
to give a little pro/con addition. 

Back when I first wrote this post I still was just
getting my feet wet and I even still continued to
do more research, afterall, it's always good to
know what other people are saying about your product.

Unfortunately, I did find a little more discouraging
opinions but now that I myself am doing it, and I'm
seeing the results firsthand...I am better suited to form
my own opinions.

The unfortunate thing is that those of you that are still
on the fence about joining EN may come across some
of these negative comments and it may very well sway
your decision on whether or not to join.

All I can say to that is this: IT IS YOUR choice.
I am not going to try to SELL you on joining. But
what I can tell you from my own personal experience
that IT IS legitimate and I AM making money.

And if you WERE to join, and you make the CHOICE
to do what is outlined in the core lessons, 
follow the direction of your team leaders, and CHOOSE
to be involved and NOT just sit there waiting for money
to fall out of the sky....YOU WILL be successful.

But bottomline, like ANYTHING in this life, you are GOING
to have to work for it.

And you are GOING to have to make the effort.

But if you can do that, and really focus on being successful,
then you definitely can do it with this.

Ok......enough of that :)

Now I want to go into a little more of what I feel are
the pros and cons of Empower Network.

-inexpensive to get started (only $25 for the blogging platform + $19 for the ewallet payment system)
and you can DEFINITELY start to make money at this level.

-Pays 100% commissions. THIS was one of the things that originally caught my attention. I had been doing all kinds of affiliate marketing for a bunch a different companies since starting this journey and none of them came close to paying a 100% commission (usually only between 10-50%). So this is pretty big in itself.

-Lots of support and motivation. I can't say enough good things about this. I am on a team called Prosperity and they have been AMAZING. There are daily mindset calls and webinars. An exclusive "backoffice" where you can find tons of marketing information and additional mentoring if needed. There's also a skype group for when you need answers immediately which is awesome. Here's some more info on The Prosperity Team...LOVE these guys!

The owners and/or top earners also do a weekly call called the Empower Hour. And let me tell you... these calls are LIKE GOLD, lol. Quite honestly, even IF someone who was not interested in EN got on one of these calls, they would get something from it. Truly motivational and absolutely worth the time.

-The biggest thing that EN helped me with is generally learning how to MARKET. Which is what each one of the products are all about. They are educational products designed to help anyone market ANY sort of business, NOT just Empower Network. This education helped encourage me to start my own "primary" business and the system taught me how to gain followers, drive traffic and overall run a successful business. And while I am still in the early stages of development, my business has already showing incredible promise in a very short amount of time. A good part thanks to the knowledge I gained from the products at EN.

-It works! I'm making $, building a team (who are ALSO making money) and while I'm not quite at the level of some of my leaders, I DO feel that my goals are attainable and I really can't wait to share THAT update with you all. :)

- I think sometimes the initial "hype" can scare off a few people who are thinking that it's "too good to be true" so, "it must be a scam....". And this is very unfortunate. All I can hope, is that people who do see even a small amount of potential with the initial EN intro, dig a little deeper and do some REAL research.

Check out some of the interview videos from some of the events like this one. Or check out one of the latest promo videos. Or better yet, get on one of the Empower Hour calls!... send me an email ( with your information, and I'll make sure you get the info if you want it! There is so much more to EN....don't let the hype scare you.

-The upsell reminders can be a little frustrating. Of course you are encouraged to upgrade to the other more expensive products but I'll tell you what my sponsor told me. Do it at your own pace. If it's not within your budget to upgrade, then wait! It is definitely to your advantage when and if you are able upgrade because then and only then are you also able to collect 100% commissions for each one that YOU sell. But you HAVE to own the product yourself to get that. Otherwise, the sale and commission goes up to your sponsor (which I will warn ya, can be a little disheartening, lol) but do things WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. So, you can SAVE your first couple of commissions and THEN upgrade, if you want.

But seriously,  it's NOT rocket science and if a stay at
home mom like me can do this (working only during baby
naps and after the kids have gone to bed) anyone can! You
just have to be dedicated to learning all you can and
making it work....and it will.


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