Saturday, August 17, 2013

How To Market Your Business On Instagram

Hi everyone!    

Today I am sharing a tutorial I made on how to use Instagram to market your business!  

Instagram is one of my favorite marketing platforms, it's right up there with Pinterest in that it just doesn't really seem like work when you're marketing there. Not to mention how awesome it is to be able to reach so many, especially when you have such a powerful message. :)   

The primary focus of my business is to INSPIRE people to THINK and believe in themselves and IG gives me an awesome platform to do just that.    

I have a lot of fun with Instagram and my photo feed and I think you will as well. :)    

This tutorial will show you how I have used IG to market my 'work at home' business but the same steps can be taken to promote ANY business.   I definitely hope you enjoy the tutorial!  

**Make sure that select the full-screen option (bottom right corner) when watching and simply use your space bar to advance through each slide.**

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 ~*Lora Perisino    

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